Nomoz Submission Rules and Guidelines

The Nomoz Web Directory strives to maintain a professional and useable Web Directory. In order to continue to offer our Directory users/visitors this great resource, and at the same time help website owners/webmasters promote their websites in a professional and well-maintained Web Directory we've set up some simple directory submission rules to help us weed out the bad sites.

  1. Websites that we list
  2. Websites that we will NOT list
  3. Directory Submissions Guidelines
  4. Processing Submissions
  5. Submission has been Rejected
  6. Submission has been Accepted
  7. Contacting Nomoz for more help
1- Websites that we list.

Nomoz Directory does not rely only on submissions by webmasters/marketers/site owners, Our editors are constantly adding new websites that add value to the directory and benefit our users/visitors and keep them interested and engaged. In order to maintain a great directory we are interested in websites that are well designed, offer great content, new features and technologies, and those sites that are engaging, educational and entertaining. Commercial website are also of great value, they benefit our visitors in various ways and we look for websites with similar features as previously mentioned.

2- Websites that we will NOT list.

Although we are staunch supporters of the (Freedom of Speech), yet we have to keep the Nomoz Web directory as professional, usable, family friendly web directory. Therefore there are websites that we will not list in the directory. Please understand that, and don't waste your time or ours by submitting web sites that fall into the following categories. They will simply not be listed.
  • Adult pornographic sites of any kind
  • Sites that sell/promote Fire arms of any kind
  • Sites that *clearly* promote hatred and racism
  • Sites with illegal content or promote illegal activities
  • Sites that redirects to other sites (obvious doorways)
  • Incomplete or under construction sites (finish it then make your submission)

3- Directory Submissions Guidelines.

High quality submission sets the directory apart from most other directories making it useable and helpful to our users, respected and trusted by search engines. and thus appealing to webmasters and marketers. It also allows our editors to review submissions faster.

Please try and adhere the following guidelines.
  • Select the most appropriate category for your listing. Although the editor will usually correct that, this usually leads to a delay reviewing you listing. Please understand that your web site will gain the most by being listed in the most suitable category.
  • Refrain from using any HTML or Style tags with your listing, they are not allowed and will be stripped off.
  • Write in complete sentences using proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation and correct spelling.
  • Use short and descriptive title
  • Do not use ALLCAPS in your title and description (unless title requires it).
  • try andd utilize most or all of the 255 characters allocated for the description. A short, well-thought-out description can make a great impact on the reader.
  • Use a working and monitored email address

4- Processing Submissions.

After a successful submission, the submission is queued for review. One of our editors will review your submission usually within 48 hours (at rare time it may take up to a week depending on many factors including volume of submissions, technical problems, incomplete submissions, etc).
The editor will make sure that your submission meets the listing guidelines and if there is a problem with it, the editor will correct it. If the problem requires that the editor get in touch with the submitter (through the email address used for submission), the editor will contact you and work out any issues until they are corrected.

5- Submission has been Rejected.

If the submitted website clearly falls into one or more of the categories of website that we will not list as specified above. You will be notified with a (Submission Rejected) email. The rejection message will clearly inform you of the reasons the site was rejected, if you believe that the editor was a mistaken in rejecting your submission (rarely happens), you can try to explain why the decision is incorrect and why the site should be listed.
If the final decision (made by the editor) is that your website in "unlistable", and the submission was a paid submission, then you will be given a chance to submit another website instead of the rejected website.

6- Submission has been Accepted.

If the submission is successful, and it is approved by an editor. The website will be listed and a notification email will be sent out to the submitter's email address used during submission. The submitter will have the chance to edit the listing anytime he/she likes, but keep in mind that all edits do require editorial approval.

7- Contacting Nomoz for more help.

You may contact Nomoz using our online contact form below:
Nomoz Contact form