Nomoz Copyright Policy

     Nomoz has created this statement to communicate our copyright policies to ensure that you as a Nomoz member, visitor, and affiliate fully understand how we deal with copyright issues.
  • The original data in the directory is copyrighted by the Open Directory Project (ODP) which is owned by The Netscape Communications Corporation who are owned by America Online Corporation. The use of such data is governed by the ODP License which can be found here.

  • All other text images and data found on Nomoz web directory is copyrighted by and may not be used without permission from the Nomoz. This data includes new additions, improvements, and features of the Directory

  • All site submissions including titles and descriptions of submitted websites, are copyrighted by the individual submitters who agree to give Nomoz a non-exclusive perpetual right to freely use the submitted data anyway Nomoz sees fit, as long as we adhere to Nomoz published privacy and usage policies.

  • Nomoz hereby gives anyone who would like to use any of the many Nomoz provided graphic banners logos and other materials for promotional purposes only. You agree not to use such materials to portray Nomoz in a negative manner. You agree to take down and remove such materials if you are requested to do so, with and without providing any reasons for such request. A reason will usually be given though.
    You further agree to not imply any direct association between you or your organization and the Nomoz Directory. unless such association does indeed exist.

  • If you are a content owner and this content appears on Nomoz, and you feel that the use of such content violates your copyright policies, then please feel free to contact us and alert us to such content. Please include a filled out Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) form to report any violations. Although, in most cases a simple contact with details of infractions will suffice. We take copyrights very seriously and promise to deal with any claims very promptly

  • If you still have any questions or concerns that are not covered above, please Contact Us and discuss your concerns with us.